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We constantly complain about email being overloaded. But what do we do about it? We can’t get away from it. It’s the original social network. How many emails do you think are sent each day?

Every second, there are 3.4 million new emails. 71% are spam.

That’s over 293 billion new messages sent per day.

Gilded homepage screenshot

Gilded is very simple. It puts a charge on sending mail, like a postage stamp. The sender has to pay the reciever’s rate, from $0.01 on up, before the message is delivered. How much is your time really worth? And the receivers get to keep 70 cents from each dollar.

It’s a signal-to-noise filter for your inbox, which also earns you money. In Gilded’s world, you no longer have to worry about giving out your email address. We’re reversing the power dynamic of email from a senders’ market to a receivers’.

It’s already built, and you can use it right now: http://gilded.club