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Git-Crypt is Git + Encryption

Git-crypt is a combination of PGP/GPG and Git. It lets you include private files in your Git repos, without needing to worry about them being read by others. You can even publish these files to public repos, such as on GitHub, and not worry about any secrets or credentials being leaked.

How? With cryptography.

Here’s my workflow:

I use this module, npm: dotenv, to store the environment variables in a .env file in my repo (.gitignore‘d) and then continue to use the standard process.env.KEY syntax. I’ve been super happy with it.

screenshot of dotenv package

Then if you are working with a team and want to keep those .env files in sync without sharing them publicly, you add git-crypt. This lets you designate files to be encrypted, then automatically adds an encryption hook on git commit and decrypts during git checkout.

screenshot of AGWA/git-crypt

Everyone on your team just needs a private key file to decrypt, which won’t be changing very often, and then you dont need to .gitignore the config file, and everyone can stay in sync!

You can use a single shared .key file, but for even better security you’d want to just authorize GPG users the ability to unlock the repo’s encrypted files.

And if you need some discrepancy, you can add .env.development or even something like .env.dsernst to overwrite particular values for different environments.

Thanks to Matt for the fun playing with git-crypt!