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Most interesting new technologies

These are some of the software ideas I’ve been most excited about recently.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

  • Creating the Fifth Layer: Entire new ecosystems where currencies can be transfered instantly, transparently & automatically at massive scales.
  • Has already had an huge impact on e-commerce, remittances, black markets, charities.
  • Lots of exciting new experiments like NameCoin, Gilded, CounterParty, Steller, Chronicled.

Virtual / Augmented reality

  • Enormous impact on day-to-day life.
  • Technology finally seems to be on the verge of going mainstream: Oculus, HoloLens, Cardboard from Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, plus exciting new players like MagicLeap and AltspaceVR.
  • Entire new software ecosystem to build out. Following in the footsteps of the transitions from mainframes to PCs to mobile.

Cooperation apps

  • We live in times of new applications, never seen before, that facilitate new relationships of people working together effectively to accomplish their goals.
  • Some examples: Github, Reddit, Asana, Assembly, Wikipedia